Begin with a smooth, dry dust free board. Fill any large divots and sand smooth. Please prime/paint or seal your boards to prevent moisture absorption and warping. Never use low or no VOC paint. Also do not use matte paint since these have additives which reduce adhesion. Use a 70 percent alcohol before installation to increase adhesion. Use a smooth foam roller for the top to create a smooth finish. If using a varnish or sealer we suggest using water based instead of oil based. It's much easier to clean up and does not yellow over time. When painting, an outdoor Gloss or Semigloss gives the best durability and adhesion. Let your boards cure for a minimum of 48 hours before applying the wrap. Inspect the surface for any imperfections and smooth as necessary. Never use any type of wet application. The wrap film is designed to be installed dry and has a built-in air-egress technology to release air for an easy bubble free application. Heat and seal edges to keep out contaminates and prevent lifting.


Clean and smooth surface imperfections

Clean and smooth surface imperfections

Lay down wrap and cut masking tape pieces

Roll masking tape and stick to back creating a hinge

Position wrap on board

Hinge wrap backwards

Pull wrap back away from backer paper

Cut backer paper away and remove

Hinge wrap back over and lay on board surface

Squeegee wrap down onto board surface

Hinge and pull backer paper back on other side

Remove backer from wrap and lay onto surface

Squeegee onto surface of board

Trim edges 1/8 inside board edge

Trim out center hole

Use heat around outside and hole to help adhere

Mask off 1/8 inside wrap and seal edges with clear


Step 16 is optional but we suggest sealing edges for long term durability. Min-wax polycrylic works great for edge sealing or sealing your boards before installation. Clean your Cornhole board wraps with a damp towel. Store your boards in a clean dry place indoors when not in use. Never leave them outside. Long term exposure to weather can cause your boards to absorb moisture resulting in warping or wrap failure. If you have any questions or issues with installation or caring for your boards please contact us right away.

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