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Cornhole Connection is the only supplier of  Custom Cornhole Wraps that offers multiple protective laminate options to take your personal wrap customization even further. Select a matte with that wood textured design to give that realistic wood look or try out one of our metallics to make that cold drink look even colder. We use a premium 3M bubble free film for durability and ease of installation. We treat every customer as we would our own family and stand behind our product 100 percent. Choose one of our pre-designed wraps or create a custom cornhole wrap by heading over to the custom design tab to have us design one for you. For you do-it-yourselfers, we provide photoshop and illustrator templates to make designing a wrap yourself even easier!


We sell our wraps as a single board so that they can be mixed / matched as necessary. Our laminated wraps extend the durability, abrasion resistance and have a built in UV protective coating. If you purchase an un-laminated wrap we suggest clear coating your boards after installation to protect your investment from abrasion and fading. Our laminate enhancements offer even more durability and a different look. Get more information below. Each wrap is a 24.5" x 48.5" rectangle, designed to fit all standard game boards. There's a .25" bleed on all 4 sides for slight board size imperfections. The circle shown in the image is for hole placement purposes only and are not printed on the actual wrap allowing for more flexibility during installation. Once the wrap has been applied to your board, you will need to cut the hole out.

-We do not cover warranty or replace any of our products due to improper installation or care. Please contact us immediately with any issues prior to installing. Any issues that may occur during or after application will be the sole responsibility of the person installing. Please call our customer service number for helpful advice or reach out to a professional installer for help if you are not comfortable with installing.


Being a 20-year veteran in the printing, vehicle wrap industry and an avid cornhole player it just made sense to bring the two together. Our vision is to create custom cornhole wraps and bags with the highest quality, lowest prices, and more product options than the competitors with a no-nonsense way of ordering. We produce every wrap around the "Cool" factor. We don't just have customers. We have friends, partners and fellow cornhole players looking to create memories to last a lifetime. Let us help you bring your creative vision to life. 

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